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Atienza Kali

Atienza Kali is a Filipino martial art that was developed here in the United States on the mean streets of Jamaica, Queens in New York City. The system is rooted with the teachings of the late Manong Edgar "Butch" Atienza, a renowned Filipino martial arts practitioner in the New York City area. Manong Butch taught the art to his three sons: Allain (Bong) Atienza, Carl Atienza, and Darryl Atienza. In those days, the Atienza family did not train in the art for sport or recreation. Rather, their primary directive was to train in order to survive the violent nature of the street altercations they encountered on a regular basis. The methods of Atienza Kali were born in an environment where facing armed multiple attackers on the street was a regular occurrence in their neighborhood.

Atienza Kali specializes in the functional combative use of blades of all different shapes and sizes, which include:

-Knives of different lengths (for projectiles and for close combat)
-Bow and Arrow

In addition, Atienza Kali training also includes the use of improvised weapons such as the Trapo (flexible weapon with weight).

Punong Guro Michael Pana of Bayani Warrior has been training in Atienza Kali for the last three years under Tuhon Carl Atienza. He has been given permission by Tuhon Carl Atienza to present and teach Atienza Kali to the members of Bayani Warrior Group. As of now, the Atienza Kali knife curriculum is now available to members of Bayani Warrior Group. For more information, please visit our Contact Info page.