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What is a Training Group?

A Training Group consists of an individual or individuals who train directly under Michael Pana in a particular aspect of the Bayani Warrior curriculum. Throughout the month, the Training Group meets according to their own schedules to review and train in the material that Guro Michael Pana has taught them. Training Groups are responsible for scheduling regular sessions with Guro Mike Pana.

Structure of a Training Group

Each Training Group consists of at least three individuals. Each Training Group will have a designated Training Group Leader (TGL). The TGL is responsible for keeping in contact with Michael Pana for scheduling training sessions with Guro Mike. In addition, the TGL is responsible for gathering the Training Group members outside of training with Michael Pana to review and train in the material throughout the remainder of the month. Most training groups fly Guro Mike Pana out at least two times a year (Fall/Spring) to teach the training group.

Benefits of a Training Group

Forming a Training Group is a great option for people who may not be able to train on a weekly basis due to scheduling conflicts but still want to train at least once a month to keep their skills sharp. All other training sessions throughout the month are according to the schedule of the TGL and the members of the Training Group itself, which makes training and reviewing the material incredibly convenient. In addition, starting a Training Group is a great way to learn about what it takes to lead a martial arts group and is a great way to spread Filipino martial arts to your martial arts school, community organization, or place of business. Training Group Leaders are also eligible for induction into the Officer Program after a year of training.

Training Group Rates

Training Group sessions are $150.00 per person for five hours of private training under Punong Guro Mike Pana. Transportation fees must also be covered, and the transportation fees can be split among the group members. 

To Start a Training Group

Contact Michael Pana at [email protected] for more details about how to start your own Training Group.

Current Training Groups in Development

Seattle, Washington

Los Angeles, California