Bayani Warrior Martial Arts

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The Bayani Warrior Difference

Here are a few things that make Bayani Warrior Martial Arts different than other martial arts academies. 

1) We believe that smaller classes are better than larger classes. While other schools focus on large numbers, our focus is on small, intimate semi-private group classes and private one-on-one classes that help give each student the personalized attention they deserve. Smaller classes lead to better learning, as well as a stronger bonds between teachers and students. 

2)  Our system is rooted in the fighting arts of the Philippines. The Filipino martial arts rely on fluidity, coordination, speed, kinesthetic awareness, and quick-thinking. The result: a martial art that is fluid, dynamic, and is extremely effective for self-defense, yet is gentle on the body and joints. This makes our system an excellent choice for anyone, of any age, and of any skill level. 

3) We offer private and semi-private instruction to children with special needs, particularly visual challenges and blindness. Please visit our Special Needs page for more information.